Expired Food Taste Test

We got this idea from #ThePrincefamily and enjoyed it even though this new challenge didn’t have a lot of healthy food it was fun.

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Heat Protectant

I straightened my hair 4 months after my big chop. My TWA turns into a silky cute bob, the difference is amazing. In this video I use my DIY heat protectant butter and oil to protect my hair from heat damage and to avoid frizz.

Bob Haircut

Check it out and I hope you enjoy!

Tools used:
Revlon 2-in-1 blowdryer
ghd classic 1″ styler

Products used:
Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo
Hask Keratin protein deep conditioner
DIY Heat Protectant Butter
DIY Heat Protectant Oil

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San Antonio

Featuring Hayley Pascucci (@h.haless)Filmed & directed by Brianna Juarez (bri_derp)

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Cartoon Voice Actors

Voice Acting for Animation

Many of us are old enough to remember when Saturday morning cartoons were a thing – we’d wake up, grab a bowl of horrifically unhealthy sugary cereal and plop in front of the TV to watch the continuing adventures of our cartoon friends.

Now that you’re looking at a career in voice acting, it’s a good time to consider how to get into animation, what it takes to make character voices, how to change your voice, how to get voice acting opportunities for animation, and all that.

In this video, we’ll talk about the basics of traditional animation voice acting, how it’s different from other genres of voice acting like video games and anime, and how to find opportunities to get begun. Auditioning for voice recording for animation is going to be a bit easier after this video. Check out some other videos in this series as well as some behind the scenes looks into the voice acting life!

Loaded Veggie Nachos

Free Gift – My Top 10 Favorite Recipes from My New Cookbook.

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Easy Veggies Nachos

Loaded Veggies Nachos is a great appetizer for a group or a light dinner for a couple people. Bursting with veggies, quick and easy to make. It’s the nachos you feel good about eating!

Printable Recipes – http://kitchendadscooking.com/make-lo…

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Best Cutting Boards

I explain different kinds of cutting boards and what cutting boards are best to use. A quick lesson for beginner cooks from my new course Kitchen Dads Classroom.

What Types Of Cutting Boards Are Best

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Jak Znaleźć Pracę W Australii W IT

W dzisiejszym odcinku powiem Ci, na co zwrócić uwagę przy szukaniu pracy w IT w Australii. Jak znaleźc pracę w Australii? Porady, konkrety, informacje. Zapraszam!

Jak Znaleźć Pracę W Melbourne

Instagram Famous

To some it’s a mystery on how you can grow your Instagram in 2019…

Throughout the years I’ve been playing around with ways to successful grow a large Instagram following.

Instagram Growth

Throughout this video I cover the most important basics you can’t overlook:

Secret #1: What it takes to stand out from the crowd

Secret #2: The three things you need to do for rapid growth

Secret #3: How you can further your growth instantly without having to sit around engaging on another people’s content

If you’re trying to grow your Instagram in 2019 (regardless of how many followers you have) you need to watch this video.

Following these guidelines and using an Instagram growth service like Social Sneeze you will reach a large specific audience, and your followers will grow.

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Loaded veggie Nachos

Here are 3 of my favorite, easy to make, sheet pan dinners. Can put them together no time, with little mess.

00:31 – Sheet Pan Sausage and Peppers
08:35 – One Pan Chicken and Veggies
12:46 – Sheet Pan Loaded Veggie Nachos

One pan dinners

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Dkay – No Surprise (Official Music Video)

hiphop dkay


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No Surprise

I can’t let the enemy get close to me
I can’t let that henny get ahold of me
She say she can never get ahold of me
I can’t let no one get one over me

Nigga why you talking to me like you bros with me
You could never ever ever take a hoe from me
I got bad bitches tryna get ahold of me
If she ain’t thick, she ain’t thick, that’s a no for me
Its time to go for me, you niggas hoes to me
I had to ride around the city so they notice me
I had the off white diamonds in the rosary
I got it tatted in my neck this is loyalty

I had a deal I didn’t take it
She had to go, I couldn’t fake it
I know you hating I can see it in your eyes
No surprise
No surprise
real diamonds in my bracelet
Real furs not the fake shit
I break the bread and then I split it with the guys
No surprise

Mirror mirror mirror
She look like Shakira
blessings for my dawgs
kush up in the air
touch me if you dare
Its like poof disappear
She talking in my ear
I can barely hear
I told her that I can’t do monogamy
I been getting money like monopoly
In an all kappa suit like a soccer team
There was nothing wrong with her, she just not for me

This that Carter 3
This that talking to these hoes like I’m Socrates
This that I be looking like I hit the lottery
This that I been on the phone speaking guapanese

I had a deal I didn’t take it
She had to go, I couldn’t fake it
I know you hating I can see it in your eyes
No surprise
No surprise
Real diamonds in my bracelet
Real furs not the fake shit
I break the bread and then I split it with the guys
No surprise
No surprise

I can’t let the enemy get close to me
I can’t let the henny get ahold of me
She say she can never get ahold of me
I can’t let no one get one over me
Yeah, yeah

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Benita Auger
The Croxen Sisters

Director: Shamlo Faek
1st AD: Lucas Zhou
Director of Photography: Alex Robichaud
1st AC: Olly Bain
2nd AC: Mellica Arya
Stills Photography: Brandon Gill and Natasha Dion
BTS Video: Anthony Natino and 4K Carlos

Key Grip: Keyon Slowly
Dolly Grip : Ben Swan
Gaffer: Tyler Graham
Lx : Shayan Takhayori

Production Designer: Ana Pflug
Art Director: Jenn Hashizume

Stylist: Jack Irvine
Key Makeup: Kiera Castro

Edited by: Shamlo Feak
Producer: Tyler Graham
Producer: Tamara Black
Producer: Bernard Covarrubais

Executive Producer: Keyon Slowly and Tanner Schmitz

Marketing Manager:

Kane Dabir

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