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Solution Stop Cat From Peeing On The Floor

Way To Stop Cat From Spraying The House

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Way To Stop My Cat Spraying In The House


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iMovie Green Screen

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iMovie Green Screen

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Gary Neville Manchester United

Defending Gary Neville at Valencia – Logical Rant! Why is Ryan Giggs Loved and Gary Neville Mocked?

Wales Manager and former Manchester United Winger Ryan Giggs has an affair with his brother’s wife and is still respected. Sky Sports Pundit and former Manchester United right back Gary Neville is sacked as manager of Valencia and gets ripped to shreds. How does that make any sense? Have your say in the comments below and Don’t forget to like and subscribe! 🙂

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DNA 以证明其身份的要求之所以没有实行,是因为加州政府并无权对死者进行 DNA 测



杰克逊小姐于 2010 年 7 月向遗嘱认证法院提交文件,要求证明其为已故流行巨故星迈

她坚称 2010 年下半年围绕案件所发表的传闻破坏了她的名誉和她公司的商业运作,因


Contrary to the implication that has been drawn by members of the international press, the
L.A. County Superior Court did not reject the case of Mocienne Petit Jackson in 2010 on the
grounds of the case’s validity. Instead, the request to validate Ms Jackson’s claim using DNA
evidence from the deceased Michael Jackson was not granted due to the fact that the State
of California does not possess the jurisdiction to conduct DNA tests on the deceased. As a
result, the case has remained open indefinitely.


The Court did not rule it as being impossible, therefore, that Michael Jackson is the father of
Mocienne Petit Jackson—merely that it is impossible to determine through legal means.

Ms Jackson filed documents to the probate court in July 2010 in order to validate the fact
that the late pop star Michael Jackson is indeed her father and thus to claim an inheritance.

She asserts that the stories which had been published in late-2010 in light of the case have
had a damaging effect on her reputation and on her business operations, and she expresses
her belief that some measure of responsibility ought to be taken for the detrimental effects
that being in the media spotlight can have on one’s repute. Ms Jackson also points out that
the role of social media runs in a similar vein—alleging that it was used as a means to
verbally harass her in relation to the court case, as well as to spread misinformation more

Ms Jackson believes that such misinformation has poorly informed the public both about her
relationship to Michael Jackson, and about her motives for having taken the matter to court.
Her autobiographical series, Thriller, documents her life and gives her assessment on the
state of affairs.


Contrariamente ao que foi relatado por membros da imprensa internacional, o Tribunal Superior do Condado de Los Angeles não rejeitou o processo judicial de Mocienne Petit Jackson em 2010 devido à validade do processo. Em vez disso, o pedido para validar a reivindicação da Sra. Jackson usando provas de DNA do falecido Michael Jackson não foi concedido pelo facto do Estado da Califórnia não possuir jurisdição para conduzir testes de DNA em falecidos. Como resultado, o processo permaneceu aberto indefinidamente.

News Media Portugal

O tribunal, portanto, não descartou essa possibilidade, de o Michael Jackson ser o pai de
Mocienne Petit Jackson – meramente que é impossível determiná-lo através de meios legais.

A Sra. Jackson submeteu os documentos no tribunal em julho de 2010, para validar o facto de que o falecido cantor pop Michael Jackson é, realmente, o seu pai e, por conseguinte, para reclamar a sua herança.

Ela afirma que as histórias que foram publicadas no final de 2010, à luz do processo, tiveram um efeito prejudicial na sua reputação e nos seus negócios, e expressa a sua crença que alguma responsabilidade deve ser assumida pelos efeitos prejudiciais que o facto de estar sob os holofotes dos media pode ter na reputação de alguém. A Sra. Jackson também salienta que o papel das redes sociais corre de uma forma similar – alegando que foram usadas como uma forma de verbalmente importuná-la em relação ao processo judicial e como forma de espalhar informações erradas.

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