Lauren Caron

In today’s video, I am teaching you how to create fuller lips with lipstick!

Lauren Caron

I absolutely love the look of a fuller lip. Using lipstick is one of my favorite ways to create a fuller lip. You can use just lipstick or use a lip liner and a lipstick like I did in this video to create a fuller set of lips for yourself! If you recreate this, please tag me on social media! I LOVE seeing your recreations! I so want to see you create a fuller set of lips with lipstick, so show me how you did it!

Switzerland Road Trip

Watch this video if you want to visit Switzerland. This video will give you a few ideas about Switzerland tourism, what are some of the best places to visit and what to see in Switzerland.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Switzerland

I went on an 8 days long epic SWITZERLAND ROAD TRIP with my friends Filip, Renato and Andi. Our goal was to explore mountains in Switzerland and visit as many beautiful places as possible.

It was very tough to decide which are the best places to visit in Switzerland, because there are so many… we could have easily spend a month there and still there would be so much more left to explore.


– Zermatt (Stelisee)
– Mountain passes Grimsel and Furka (Ice cave)
– Lauterbrunnen (Murren climbing)
– Zürich
– Caumasee (Swimming)
– Limmernsee
– Pizzo Taneda

$hAH expresses his Heartbreak with “Neon Love”

Vancouver Artist $hAH releases his debut album with a bang! Before we dive into the project which is more like a beautifully crafted 7-Single Poem by Shayan Eftekhari, we must speak on his Smash Single “Formula.”

Filmed by TiV Productions and directed by Brazil’s very own Raphael “Zectrix” Regis, this video captures the song perfectly; the dancers were a solid touch. This is the type of song you want to dance to and club to. $hah’s vocals with the pounding instrumental takes you to a euphoric positive state. We spoke to the film producer Kane Dabir and he mentioned,

“$hah is a super unique artist .. so we could have taken this video in multiple directions, but ultimately Zectrix, Paolo and I wanted to showcase a flirty fun video to match the quality of the song.”

Check out the video after the Jump.

The Lunar Cycle

The album begins with “Formula” and “The One” which are two club bangers; if I am trying to impress a girl with my music taste, I will definitely flex with those songs. Home ft. Psyah was a pleasant switch up from the beginning which focuses on a guy’s insecurities towards women; worth a listen; “Used to” is a solid transition from home and possibly the best written song on the project. $hah shows his hip-hop influence with tracks like “Company” and “Faraway” with hip hop drums and R&B style singing. The final track of the LP “Boys Don’t Cry” shows $hah in a very vulnerable state

The Album ends with my favourite song “Make it” which features celebrity Hip-Hop Artist Kresnt. Kresnt has been killing the Hip-Hop scene with his smash single “In Your Place” and his follow up melodic hit “D.Y.D.” $ha has recently signed a deal with the Lunar Cycle Label and we can expect more tracks from the two artists.

By: Justin Tate

$hah – Formula (Official Music Video) | Shayan Eftekhari | شایان افتخاری

Album Tracklist:

The One
Home ft. Psyah
Used To
Boys Don’t Cry

Make It ft. Kresnt

Album Credits:

Executive Producer : Shayan “$hAH” Eftekhari, Kamal “Kane” Dabir, Hilal “Kresnt” Dabir, TiV Productions”

Arranger, Art Direction, Recording Engineer, Executive Producer, Primary Artist,, Vocals, Vocals (Background) by: Shayan “$hAH” Eftekhari”


TiV Productions

Director: Raphael “Zectrix” Regis
Director of Photography: Paolo Altruda
Producer: Kamal “Kane” Dabir / Hilal “Kresnt” Dabir
AP: Hugo Mendes, Keyon Slowly
Casting Director: Kane Dabir
Performing Artist: $hah
Recording Engineer: Shayan Eftekhari
Model: Alexis Llewellyn
Dancers: Carly Whitaker-Wilson, Tawni Krystal, Emalaine Lands
Choreographer: Carly Whitaker-Wilson
Editors: Zectrix, Paolo Altruda
Written By: Zectrix , Paolo Altruda, Kane Dabir
Marketing Manager: Coffee & Banana LTD

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It was a good morning and I decided to jump off the roof. I was kind scared you are you looking down at the trampoline you say no problem but then again You don’t want your foot to get caught on the net.


How To Make Fortnite Shield Potions Irl

Drinking Fortnite Shield in real life. We show you how to make Fortnite real life items like the Mini Shield Potion, Chug Jug and real Slurp drink.

In Real Life

How to Begin A Business from Scratch

I’m super pumped to launch my first episode of Your Daily Dose of Business. Some days you may hear me talking about business, entrepreneurship, marketing or simply life in general. I’d love to get your thoughts and questions on this show, so I know exactly what it would be best for you to get the most value out of it.

How to Begin A Business from Scratch

In this episode you’ll hear my $0.02 on how to begin a business from scratch with no money but I’d love to hear your $0.02 on this video as well.

How to Begin a Business from Scratch – 5 Steps

Step 1: Begin
Step 2: Don’t quit your job
Step 3: Focus on one single thing to sell
Step 4: Create a landing page
Step 5: Send traffic to your page

Find Amazon FBA Products

In this video, Freedom Formula share tips on how to find a product for your Amazon FBA business and answers all the questions related to product research for Amazon FBA.

If you want to find an Amazon FBA product that will get you to 5-figures/month, this video will show you exactly how. Click play to learn our secret amazon fba product research technique.

Amazon Product Research Strategy

Ellenton Homes for Sale

Welcome home to this beautiful updated 2 bed 2 bath home in Ridgewood Meadows. Enjoy the Lanai that can be used as a guest room. Inviting front porch to enjoy morning coffee and get your day begun. Large master suite with a large walk in closet. This is a perfect retirement home or a place to come to escape the winter weather up north. Schedule a time to see this property today as it won’t be on the market long.

Reynolds Realty Gulf Coast